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Vol 58, No 8 (2022): November/December

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Library Technology Reports vol. 58, no. 8 (November/December 2022) “The Current and Evolving Landscape of Bibliometric Tools and Technologies,” by Laura Bredahl.

While bibliometrics has been around for decades, with the recent development of new bibliometric tools, there has been a surge in interest in bibliometric services at academic institutions in North America. Navigating this rapidly evolving landscape can be a challenge for academic institutions as they attempt to determine which tools and skill sets will best meet their needs. This issue of Library Technology Reports, “The Current and Evolving Landscape of Bibliometric Tools and Technologies” (vol. 58, no. 8), will help guide decision makers and practitioners in their selection and use of current bibliometric tools and related systems, and it will offer some insight into future directions.

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Laura Bredahl
Laura Bredahl
Laura Bredahl
Laura Bredahl